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300 Years at the Point
History of Somers Point, NJ by William Kelly.

Three hundred years seems like a long time. 1693 was a time as foreign to us as space travel would have been for the people who lived then. In geological and evolutionary time, however, 300 years is merely yesterday, a few heartbeats away. For Americans, three centuries is as old as can be.
William Kelly explores not just the centuries, the decades, the years; but the generations and the spirit of the people that have made Somers Point, New Jersey what it is today. Includes a fascinating chapter on the birthplace of Rock & Roll!
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A View From Macaroni Street - Ocean City, NJ
by Nicholas Regine The story of the Italian American immigration to Ocean City, New Jersey, is told here with affection and respect.  A slice of their lives brightens each page with tales of their long days of hard labor and weekly days of rest.  Includes period photographs and authentic Italian recipes gleaned from the kitchens of Italy and from the homes on Simpson Avenue, Ocean City --  "Macaroni Street."
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